Over the years, the way that data is handled has changed markedly. Earlier, data was stored in spreadsheets and then analyzed to give reports which were used to manage a business. Today, with the major advancements seen in business technology, managing data and how it is used to aid a business’s progress have changed markedly. To survive in this competitive world, every business, especially those which are moderate or large-sized must adopt business technology and incorporate it into the workings of their company. One step towards this is Informatica PowerCenter Training, designed to train your employees in the relevant software.



While there are numerous business technology tools available, there are just some which have managed to make an impact and are here to stay-Informatica being one of them.

What is Informatica PowerCenter?

Informatica is one of the leading companies which specializes in data integration. As business technology has evolved, Informatica has also created several products, all of which are designed to help users in data integration and management.

Informatica PowerCenter is an Extraction, Transformation and Loading tool which is being commonly used nowadays. It normally consists of several parts which are categorized as the PowerCenter server, repository, repository service, integration service and client tools. All of these have specific functions and work together to allow companies to transfer and integrate their data.

What are the benefits of using Informatica PowerCenter?

Sometimes, companies feel that investing in such training is pointless and that their employees need to have the skills needed to work with Informatica PowerCenter. However, that is not the case and choosing this software to manage your data integration will benefit you.

  • Through PowerCenter Integration Service, you can have more than one integration at one time.
  • The tools which are available as part of PowerCenter can be used to map the process.
  • Allows your data to be in one place, in the same format, thus making it much easier to analyze and report.
  • The process can be tracked easily, and the repository service allows you to make changes to metadata.

Based on these benefits, companies all over the world have decided to choose Informatica PowerCenter for data integration.

Why Choose ExistBI to provide training?

With Informatica becoming increasingly popular day by day, buying and using the software for your business should be something that you are seriously considering doing.

To work the software, you must ensure that the relevant employees have appropriate training and ExistBI is one of the best options available for several reasons.

  • ExistBI has trainers which have the appropriate qualification and certification to teach Informatica PowerCenter to others.
  • Our trainers have worked with numerous companies and have also received positive reviews after the sessions.
  • ExistBI offers several courses on PowerCenter, with a boot camp also available for those who need it.
  • ExistBI prides itself on being accessible to everyone and so offers on-site and virtual training.

Choosing the right company for your training is essential towards success and if you are still not convinced about choosing ExistBI, visit our YouTube channel for further details:


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