Through the years, businesses have used various methods in attempts to beat their competitors and reach the top. These days, the key to success has become data and how it is managed by a business. Business intelligence encompasses all the processes which are applied to data such as its export, transformation, integration, analysis, visualization and management. To carry out these processes, numerous business intelligence tools have been developed, with a business using more than one at a time to achieve the required degree of success. One thing is certain though, the formal education that many have received hasn’t given them the relevant qualifications to handle such software so, businesses have adapted by investing in training services such as the SAP BusinessObjects Training courses which are brought to you by ExistBI.



ExistBI has been working in the business intelligence industry for a significant amount of time, ensuring that our trainers have the required expertise needed to help your employees grasp the information they need to work software like SAP BusinessObjects. Additionally, ExistBI also ensures that all their trainers have the correct certification thus further ensuring that they don’t fall short of expectations.

ExistBI provides virtual or in-house classes, where the required material is also provided by the company. Furthermore, SAP BusinessObjects has several components and ExistBI has broken them down in separate courses allowing companies to invest in the ones they feel are more suitable for them. ExistBI has worked tirelessly to perfect their training courses for you however, you must take the leap and invest in these services.

If you aren’t sure if you should do so, read on to understand what benefits SAP BusinessObjects brings to your business.

Ease of use

First and foremost, businesses look towards using tools which they know will be easy to use and their employees won’t have to struggle too much. Even despite training, some tools require the help of technicians and experts, thus defeating the purpose of the mentioned tools.

With SAP, once your employees have taken the training courses led by ExistBI, they will not have to rely on anyone else when operating the software.

Effective reporting and analytics

Analyzing data and then creating extensive reports on it have become the backbone of every organization.

This is because, if a business doesn’t know what they are doing wrong, they cannot correct their mistakes and thus move on to making better decisions. Additionally, a business also must know which tactics and strategies are working for them, using this information to make changes only when needed. SAP BusinessObjects is known specifically for its ability to make this process more comprehensive for users.

Access to a variety of applications

SAP BO aims to make business intelligence markedly straightforward for users and they do so through several applications.

These include SAP BO Dashboards and SAP Lumra, both of which aid in the creation of interactive dashboards, which bring clearer data visualization to the business.

Other applications such as Crystal Reports and SAP BO Explorer also exist.

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